Board of Directors

Michael Gallagher, CEO, SpiderCloud Wireless

Mr. Gallagher brings over 25 years of telecommunications, networking, and wireless industry experience to the company. Before joining SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc. as chief executive officer in February of 2008, Mr. Gallagher was the chief executive officer of FiberTower, Inc., a company he joined via the merger with First Avenue Networks in 2006 where Mike Gallagher was the chief executive officer. Mr. Gallagher was previously the president of Flarion Technologies, a company acquired by Qualcomm. At Flarion, Mr. Gallagher led the mobile broadband communication company’s day-to-day operational strategy, sales and marketing, and expansion into Europe and Asia. Before joining Flarion in March 2001, he was the senior vice president for worldwide sales and operations for Nortel Networks' IP Services business unit (formerly Shasta Networks acquired by Nortel in April 1999). Prior to Shasta Networks, Mr. Gallagher led Bay Networks’ North American sales operations. At Bay Networks, he had profit and loss responsibilities for an organization of 1,500 people with annual revenues of more than $1.5 billion. Bay Networks was acquired by Nortel in September 1998. Before Bay Networks, Mr. Gallagher held positions with Synoptics, AT&T and Network Equipment Technologies. He holds an MBA from Pace University and a bachelor’s degree in business from Fordham University.

Bruce Sachs

Mr. Sachs is a general partner with Charles River Ventures (CRV). Mr. Sachs joined CRV in 1999 and has 20 years of experience in the telecommunications, networking, Internet, and computing industries. Mr. Sachs specializes in the enterprise and service provider infrastructure sectors on behalf of CRV. Prior to CRV, Mr. Sachs served as an executive vice president and general manager at Ascend's (Lucent Technologies, now Alcatel-Lucent) Carrier Signaling, and Management Group. Mr. Sachs joined Ascend through its acquisition of Stratus Computer where he served as the president and chief executive officer. Previously, Mr. Sachs was executive vice President and general manager of the Internet/Telecom Business Unit at Bay Networks Inc. (which was later acquired by Nortel Networks). Mr. Sachs was previously at Xylogics as chief executive officer and president, a company acquired by Bay Networks. Prior to Xylogics, Mr. Sachs was the director of engineering at Memotec/Infinet. Mr. Sachs started his career at AT&T Bell Laboratories. Mr. Sachs is a board member with SpiderCloud Wireless and has also served as a board member at Flarion Technologies Inc., Vanu Inc., BigBand Networks, Carrier IQ, Nantero, WaterCove Networks, Celerica, M2Z Networks, Cedar Point Communications, SnowShore Networks, Acopia Networks, iControl Networks, and Samplify Systems Inc. Mr. Sachs received an MBA from Northeastern University, a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Bucknell University.

Carl Showalter

Mr. Showalter is a founding partner of Opus Capital where he focuses on investing in Internet and data communications startups. Previously, Mr. Showalter was a General Partner with Lightspeed Venture Partners. Prior to the venture capital world, Mr. Showalter served as Vice President of Marketing at Juniper Networks where he built and led a global marketing and product management organization. Prior to Juniper, Mr. Showalter was Vice President of Dial and Broadband Services for UUNET, overseeing the 300-person, $1B revenue division. Mr. Showalter has also held various sales and management positions at ANS, an AOL company, where Mr. Showalter helped build AOL's modem access network and launch hardware-based firewalls and IP VPNs. Mr. Showalter began his career at Bellcore, focusing on network security and data service delivery. At Bellcore, Mr. Showalter performed logical and physical attacks on phone company infrastructure, helping them fix these vulnerabilities. Mr. Showalter holds a B.S. degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia and a Master’s degree in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University.

Andy Verhalen

Andy Verhalen joined Matrix Partners in 1991. Since then he has led Matrix’s involvement in dozens of successful companies, including Unwired Planet (Openwave), which went public in 1999; SiTera, which sold to Vitesse; and Alteon Websystems, which listed its shares on Nasdaq before being acquired by Nortel Networks. Before joining Matrix, Andy helped start Grand Junction Networks, an Ethernet switch business which is now a major division at Cisco. Previously he worked for 3Com, where he built a new division focused on network adapters and hubs. Prior to that Andy managed marketing for Intel’s flagship microprocessor, the 8086.

Peter Wexler, Co-founder, SpiderCloud Wireless

Mr. Wexler is a co-founder of SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc. In addition to providing the company's seed funding, Mr. Wexler led the engineering team that developed the initial E-RAN system. Before SpiderCloud, Mr. Wexler was the Vice President of Engineering and Product Operations at Stoke, Inc. Prior to that, Mr. Wexler was with Juniper Networks where he held the position of Vice President of Engineering. During his tenure at Juniper, he grew the engineering organization from 17 to 600 and helped lead the company from initial product through the delivery of multiple generations of high performance routers. Subsequently, he managed Juniper’s Mobile Business and was a director of the Ericsson–Juniper joint venture company. Mr. Wexler has also held engineering and management positions at Bay Networks, Wellfleet Communications, Xylogics and Siemens. Mr. Wexler has an MBA from Boston University, an MSE from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a BSEE from SUNY Stony Brook.