Warid Telecom First to Offer Businesses and Consumers in Pakistan 4G Small Cell Systems To Deliver Reliable Mobile Coverage and Capacity

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SpiderCloud Wireless and Emtel Communications Partner to Bring High Capacity and Scalable Small Cell Systems to Pakistan

San Jose, California, February 19, 2015 – SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc., the leading provider of scalable small cell systems, today announced that Warid Telecom, a 4G mobile operator in Pakistan, has started deployments of scalable small cell systems from SpiderCloud Wireless, with Emtel Communications as the system integrator, to empower business and consumer customers in major cities of Pakistan with reliable indoor and public space 4G mobile coverage and capacity.

The first deployments are targeted for hundreds of different locations in the major cities of Pakistan with 4G Radio Nodes providing access using band 3* and Services Nodes that are securely connected to Warid Telecom’s core network.

“SpiderCloud enables us to provide our customers, particularly our corporate customers, with a high-capacity, high-performance, scalable 4G solution. This endorses Warid’s continued commitment to provide the best possible quality service to our customers,” said Muhammad Aslam Saqib, Director Technical Strategy & RAN Planning with Warid Telecom. “SpiderCloud has already proven itself with some of the world’s largest mobile operators, powering mobility inside of some of the world’s largest brands and financial institutions.”

SpiderCloud’s system includes a Services Node (SCSN) that controls up to 100 self-organizing, multi-access 3G and 4G small cells, providing reliable coverage and capacity for enterprise and venues of up to 1.5 million square feet. A system can be installed in just days using an enterprise Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) as a managed service by a mobile operator’s network.

“The scalable small cell system enables Warid Telecom to better serve its 4G mobile customers with flawless coverage and high data rates indoor and in public spaces,” said Nasir Farooq, CEO Emtel Communications. “Ease of installation and predictable cost help bring 4G mobility to more places, much faster than alternative solutions.”

SpiderCloud has a portfolio of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Radio Nodes operating in 3G (single band), and dual-band 3G+4G and 4G+4G small cells as part of the system.

“This is the first commercial deployment of SpiderCloud in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Michael Gallagher, CEO with SpiderCloud Wireless. “We’re pleased to work with Emtel Communications as our system integrator partner in Pakistan to deliver scalable small cell systems to Warid Telecom and its customers.”

SpiderCloud Wireless is the first company to offer mobile operators a highly scalable small cell system for LAN deployment of reliable mobile services indoors for enterprise customers of any size. Customers include Verizon, Vodafone UK, Vodafone Netherlands and leading mobile operators across several continents.

*In Pakistan, band 3 is dedicated to LTE (4G) and uses 1710-1785 MHz spectrum for uplink, and 1805-1880 MHz for the downlink.

About Warid Telecom

Warid Telecom is a 100% owned company of the Abu Dhabi Group and offers state-of-the-art telecommunication services at over 7,000 destinations in Pakistan. Warid Telecom launched its cellular services in Pakistan in May 2005. http://www.waridtel.com

About Emtel Communications

Emtel is a global wireless and wireline solutions provider and system integrator with extensive experience in designing and delivering mobile network solutions around the world. Emtel is based in United Arab Emirates with regional offices in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Ghana http://www.emtelcommunications.com

About SpiderCloud Wireless

SpiderCloud Wireless develops breakthrough, small cell network platforms that allow mobile operators to deliver unprecedented cellular coverage, capacity and smart applications to enterprises. SpiderCloud Wireless is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that is based in San Jose, California and is backed by investors Charles River Ventures, Matrix Partners, Opus Capital and Shasta Ventures.

SpiderCloud Wireless is a registered trademark and SmartCloud a trademark of SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc. © 2015 SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc.

For more information visit www.spidercloud.com and follow SpiderCloud on Twitter http://twitter.com/spidercloud_inc

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SpiderCloud Wireless (global)
Ronny Haraldsvik, CMO
SpiderCloud Wireless
Email: ronny@spidercloud.com
Mobile: +1 831 224 5043

SpiderCloud Wireless: Asia-Pacific
Rakesh Dave
Managing Director APAC & MEA
Email: Rakesh.Dave@spidercloud.com
Mobile: +91 7567300503 

For Warid Telecom
Muhammad Aslam Saqib
Director Technical Strategy & RAN Planning
Email: muhammad.saqib@waridtel.com

For Emtel Communications
Nasir Farooq
Email: nasir@emtel.me

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SpiderCloud Wireless and Emtel Communications Partner to Bring High Capacity and Scalable Small Cell Systems to Pakistan