In-building Coverage, Capacity & Services

SpiderCloud’s Enterprise Radio Access (E-RAN) small cell system enables mobile operators to offer UMTS and LTE coverage, capacity and value-added services inside enterprises, public venues and campuses. Scalable to buildings and campuses as large as 1.5 million square feet, E-RAN offers an alternative to legacy distributed antenna systems. E-RAN costs less than legacy solutions, is easy to deploy and offers very high capacity.

High Capacity, Where You Need it

Every network has capacity hotspots. SpiderCloud offers massive capacity where you need it. A SpiderCloud system deployed in a large building can offer as many as 200 sectors of capacity, delighting customers and offloading the macro network.

Dual-carrier LTE with Carrier Aggregation and LTE-LAA

When throughput per sq. ft. matters, SpiderCloud shines. SpiderCloud small cells can support two sectors of LTE, with Carrier Aggregation. SpiderCloud also offers products that aggregate licensed and unlicensed spectrum using LTE-U and LTE-LAA.

Multi-mode LTE and UMTS

LTE is growing rapidly but a substantial percentage of subscribers and certain services remain on UMTS. With SpiderCloud, operators don’t have to leave these subscribers behind. SpiderCloud offers the enterprise small cells that support both, LTE and UMTS.

Enterprise Friendly Deployment

E-RAN is easy to deploy. It is deployed over an Ethernet LAN, just like Wi-Fi. In fact, E-RAN can securely share the LAN with Wi-Fi. SpiderCloud’s power-efficient small cells work over POE+ and Cat5e. There is no need to pull cumbersome co-ax cables, fiber or Cat6/7 cables. The Self-Organizing Network (SON) software resident on SpiderCloud’s Services Node automatically configures the radio nodes, so technicians don’t have to.

Grow your Business with SpiderCloud

SpiderCloud helps mobile operators acquire and retain high-value enterprise subscribers, as well as win the loyalty of data-hungry smartphone users. Dependable coverage and massive in-building capacity makes it possible to offer new, cloud-based, enterprise applications, generating new revenue streams.

Solution Selected by Leading Operators

SpiderCloud Wireless’s customers include América Móvil/Telcel, Avea, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone UK and Vodafone Netherlands, among others. SpiderCloud’s Global Reseller Partners include Cisco and NEC. See more about SpiderCloud’s industry recognition at

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